After a few months of development, we are delighted to launch the Pika Protocol testnet! Here are the steps to use the app:

3. Claim some ERC20 Mock ETH by clicking “Claim MOCK ETH” button on…

What is Pika Exchange?

Pika Protocol consists of Pika Stablecoin and Pika Exchange. Pika Exchange is an inverse perpetual swap exchange that allows you to take positions of over 10x leverage. Pika adopts the virtual AMM model where minimum liquidity is needed to bootstrap the trading. …


Pika Protocol is a stablecoin protocol backed by decentralized derivatives. It consists of two components: Pika Exchange and PIKA Stablecoin.

Pika Exchange is a perpetual swap exchange that supports leverage trading. It supports token based inverse perpetual swaps. The underlying of the exchange is a virtual automated market maker(vAMM).


Pika Protocol

A decentralized derivatives backed stablecoin protocol

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