Pika Optimism Quest Guide

What is Optimism Quest?

What is Pika Protocol?

Quest for Pika Protocol

Task 1: Open a trade

  1. Users need to have both ETH and USDC on Optimism. To bridge and swap tokens to Optimism, you can follow this guide.
  2. Visit app page at https://pikaprotocol.com/#/trade/. Switch your wallet to the right blockchain and connect it to the trade page. Click the product list on the right and select the trading pair you want to trade.

Task Two: Add liquidity of No Less Than 30 USDC

  1. Visit liquidity page at: https://pikaprotocol.com/#/vault and read the description carefully to make sure you understand how it works and the risks.



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Pika Protocol

Pika Protocol


The 1st perpetual swap exchange on Optimism, up to 50x leverage on any asset with deep liquidity