Pika Protocol is Officially Launched on Optimism Mainnet

The Last Two Months of Guarded Launch

How is the New Official Version Different?

  • The code has completed the auditing from PeckShied, allowing us to remove all the previous restrictions of the platform. Now sky is the limit. Since it’s a new release, we also want to roll out gradually to make sure no bugs are found in the frontend. The margin is limited to $50k for each position and the vault is capped at $300k at the launch, which will gradually increase over the weeks. The plan is to remove all the limit within a month.
  • The vault fund lock time reduced from 7 days to 1 day. The fund can be withdrawn as long as the vault utilization is not close to 100%. If the vault is fully utilized, you need to wait for someone to close the position before the withdraw is allowed.
  • Fee rewards can be collected separately apart from deposits. You can choose either to withdraw the rewards or reinvest them into the vault to earn more rewards.
  • The fee sharing for future Pika tokens are built into the smart contract. Before the token is launched, 70% of fees are distributed to vault, and 30% is for protocol revenue. After Pika token is launched, 50% of fees will be distributed to vault, 30% to Pika stakers and 20% to the protocol.

The Migration from Old Version



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