Pika Protocol v2 is Live on Optimistic Kovan and Rinkeby

We are excited to share the Pika v2 perpetual swap exchange is live on public testnets, on both Optimistic Kovan and Rinkeby. V2 testnet looks completely different compared to v1, delivering an optimal trading experience.

Here are the steps to use the app:

  1. Get some Rinkeby testnet ETH to pay for gas: https://rinkeby-faucet.com/ (for Optimistic Kovan, you can get Kovan ETH via https://ethdrop.dev/ and use the Optimism bridge to send it to Optimism Kovan network.)

4. Get test USDC by clicking the button on the top right of the trade page.

5. Follow the trading guide to open and close positions:

6. Share feedback in the discord or telegram channel.

Pika Protocol will be the 1st perpetual swap exchange on Optimism. Getting ready Pikamons!

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Pika Protocol

Pika Protocol


The 1st perpetual swap exchange on Optimism, up to 50x leverage on any asset with deep liquidity