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3 min readJun 19, 2023

Throughout the two-year journey of building Pika, we’ve been fortunate to receive exceptional support from our community members and product users. These include those who were early adopters of our products in early stages, those who stood firm with us in the face of challenges, those who generously provided feedback to enhance our offerings, and those who dedicated their time to contribute to our projects. Pika woud not be what it is today without the enduring support of our community.

As a token of our appreciation for the community and users, we’ve set aside 11% of tokens for both retroactive and future airdrops. Today we’re thrilled to announce our retroactive airdrop, involving approximately 6.2 million esPIKA tokens (6.2% of supply).

Airdrop Details

Total Airdrop esPIKA Tokens: ~6.2m (~6.2% supply, vest for one year to unlock PIKA)

  • To LPs and traders for all 3 Pika versions: ~4.09m esPIKA
  • To V2 LPs with loss: ~1.71m esPIKA (3.25 esPIKA is rewarded for each $1 loss and only the address with the loss of over 20 USDC are qualified)
  • To community contributors: 0.3–0.4m esPIKA(will reach out to each individual for confirmation)

PIKA tokens are airdroped to 6 score levels of addresses:

The score of each address is the sum of its trading score and LP score, calculated as follows.

Trading Score

The trading score is based on the trading fees paid by each address across all versions of Pika.

LP Score

The LP score is determined based on the weighted shares that each address has staked in the USDC vault across all versions of Pika.

staked shares amount = staked USDC amount / share price

weighted shares = (staked shares amount * average staked time) / 30 days

In the case of Pika v1, staked shares are multiplied by 3 because one v1 share is equivalent to an average of 2.5 USDC. For v2 and v3, one share is close to 1 USDC.

For example, let’s say you staked 1 share in v1 for 15 days, 1 share in v2 for 60 days, and 1 share in v3 for 90 days. Your total weighted shares would be calculated as follows: 1 * 3 * 15 / 30 + 1 * 60 / 30 + 1 * 90 / 30 = 6.5.

Snapshots of LPs for each version of Pika Protocol were taken on specific dates:

  • Pika v1: January 26, 2022
  • Pika v2: July 17, 2022
  • Pika v3: April 1, 2023

To clarify, if you make a deposit on March 1, 2023, and then withdraw on April 30, 2023, your staked time would be 30 days. This is because the last valid date for the whitelist calculation is April 1, 2023.

Also, if you are winners of Pika meme contests or education contests 2 years ago, please contact us on Twitter before the end of June to qualify for the rewards.

You can now check your airdrop amount in the website: https://www.pikaprotocol.com/#/airdrop and it will be claimable by next week.

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