Pika September 2023 Recap

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3 min readOct 5, 2023

September proved to be another bustling month for Pika Protocol as we remained committed to building the best perpetuals dex in the space. With the inclusion of this month’s trading volume, our total now surpasses $1.8 billion. As always, we have maintained our focus on enhancing user experience with a continuous stream of improvements.

Rewarding our Traders

The past month brought the opportunity for our first distribution of v4 trading rewards. We acknowledged the invaluable contributions of our traders who also staked PIKA during epoch 1 by awarding 262,500 esPIKA tokens to this dedicated group. We also meticulously went over the data from the first two epochs, and decided to make some important changes to the trading rewards program going forward, smoothing out allocations for future epochs starting from epoch 3 as well as doubling the reward for epoch 3. The details of the change can be found in the blog: https://pikaprotocol.medium.com/pika-token-rewards-program-update-32d5866d0d75

New Pairs

Our commitment to offering a diverse range of trading options and providing our users with the markets they ask for led us to introduce new crypto assets — this month’s additions expanded our crypto pairs to include BCH, APT, RUNE, and LTC. Additionally, marking a new milestone for us, we ventured into the world of commodities by listing gold and silver perps with up to 200x leverage.

Leaderboard Release

One of the most important upgrades we introduced this month was our new leaderboard. This powerful feature allows anyone to track essential metrics such as Profit and Loss (PnL), trading volume, win percentages, and more for our top-performing traders on the platform. The addition of the leaderboard also helps clear the way towards our upcoming trading contests. Check it out yourself, right in the app at: https://www.pikaprotocol.com/#/leaderboard

Twitter Bot

Adding to the excitement, we rolled out our Twitter bot, @yoitspika, broadcasting the most significant gains and losses from traders across the internet. It’s a real-time connection to the trading world, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

Position Sharing

If you prefer to proudly announce your trading victories and setbacks yourself, we’ve made it easier than ever. We now offer a user-friendly banner for you to share your big wins or losses, allowing you to tweet them effortlessly if you choose. (https://twitter.com/PikaProtocol/status/1704142952677724628)

Software Development Kit

For the innovative minds among us, our software development kit (SDK) is now live, making it easier for traders and developers to build customized bots with powerful strategies to automate their Pika trading experience: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@pikaprotocol/sdk

As we conclude yet another eventful month, our excitement for the future grows. Be on the lookout for our upcoming referral program, trading contests, additional trading pairs, and enhanced product features. Your presence in the Pika Protocol family is truly valued, and we invite you to stay tuned for even more thrilling developments on the horizon.

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