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  • Platform: Launchpad of Pika Protocol
    Website: https://www.pikaprotocol.com/#/tge
  • Start time: May 23 @ 2PM UTC
  • End time: May 27 @ 2PM UTC
  • Chain: Optimism
  • Accepted deposit: ETH
  • Whitelist Phase PIKA price: 0.0002 ETH per PIKA (~$6.8m MC, ~$36m FDV)
  • Public Phase PIKA price: starting at 0.0002 ETH and does not go above 0.0004 ETH(Total Public Phase Deposit Amount / Total PIKA Token Amount for Public Phase)
  • Allocation: 19,000,000 PIKA (19% of total supply, 5% for whitelist phase and 14% for public phase)
  • Total max supply: 100,000,000 PIKA
  • Vesting: None, 100% unlocked
  • Referral: create and share your referral link for 2% ETH bonus on referrals. Those who use your linke will get 1% rebates.

Three Phases of the TGE

Before TGE

Before the Token Generation Event (TGE) commences, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the process by visiting our page at https://www.pikaprotocol.com/#/tge. There, you will find detailed instructions.

In case of high traffic during the first 30 minutes, we recommend familiarizing yourself with alternative Optimism RPC endpoints for backup: https://community.optimism.io/docs/useful-tools/providers/#….

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to create and share your personal referral links.

Upon clicking the “Create Referral Code” button, you can input any string and then click the “Create” button to generate the code.

You will then see a referral link like below and can share code with others.

Whitelist Phase

TGE commences on May 23 at 14:00 UTC. The initial 24 hours are designated for the whitelist phase, which is exclusively for users included in the whitelist.

During the first 30 minutes of the whitelist phase, there is a deposit limit of 1 ETH for each whitelisted address. Simply enter the amount of ETH you wish to deposit and click on the “Contribute” button. Upon refreshing the page, a confirmation text reading “YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED X ETH” will appear if the deposit was successful. We strongly recommend participating within the first 30 minutes to significantly enhance your chances of a successful deposit, particularly if there is high demand.

Following the first 30 minutes, until May 24 at 14:00 UTC, whitelisted participants can continue to contribute on a first-come-first-served basis up to their remaining whitelist allocation. Please note that the whitelist phase may conclude earlier if the total allocated whitelist quota is completely fulfilled.

Public Phase

The public phase commences after the initial 24 hours and continues for an additional 72 hours. During this period, anyone can deposit an amount of ETH up to, but not exceeding, 100 ETH for each address.

Claim Phase

TGE will conclude on May 27 at 14:00 UTC. 2 days later on May 29 at 14:00 UTC, participants will be able to claim their PIKA tokens by clicking on the “Claim” button.

The PIKA Tokens liquidity pool wil be availabe on Uniswap within 24 hours after TGE ends.

To learn more information, you are also recommended to check the blogs about tokenomics and roadmap, and join our Discord for discussion.

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