Pika Trading Contest with 10,000 OP in Prizes 🎉

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2 min readApr 14, 2023

Introducing the First Pika Trading Contest: Win Big from a 10,000 OP Prize Pool!

Get ready for the inaugural Pika Trading Contest, starting next Monday! Join us anytime between April 17th and May 1st to open and close trades and compete for amazing rewards. With 30 winners across two categories, there’s a total of 10,000 OP (~$25,600) in prizes up for grabs!

When is the contest?

The contest is from April 17th 8am UTC to May 1st 8am UTC.

Where is the contest taking place?

The contest is taking place on Pika on Optimism.

How do I join the contest?

No registration is required for the contest. Every Pika user who creates new positions from April 17 to May 1 is automatically entered into the contest.

How do I win?

There are two leaderboards with different winning criteria: one is measured by Total PnL (sum of your individual trades PnL in USDC) and the other by PnL% (Total PnL / Total Margin * 100).

  • Only new positions created after April 17 will qualify. Increasing existing positions won’t be counted.
  • PnL includes both realized and unrealized profits and losses, including open positions at the deadline. Total Margin is the sum of all margin used in all positions.
  • The minimum Total Margin used for calculations will be 300 USDC.
  • A trader can collect prizes in both leaderboard categories.

How are prizes distributed amongst all 30 winners?

The contest is designed to give traders of all portfolio sizes an equal chance to win big. There are two leaderboard categories:

Leaderboard 1: Highest Total PnL

  • 1st Highest Total PnL: 3,300 OP
  • 2nd Highest Total PnL: 1,000 OP
  • 3rd Highest Total PnL: 500 OP
  • 4th-10th Total PnL: 100 OP each

Total: 5,500 OP (~$14,000)

Leaderboard 2: Highest PnL (%)

  • 1st Highest PnL(%): 2,000 OP
  • 2nd Highest PnL(%): 800 OP
  • 3rd Highest PnL(%): 500 OP
  • 4th-10th Highest PnL(%): 100 OP each
  • 11th-20th Highest PnL(%): 50 OP each

Total: 4,500 OP (~$11,500)

How will the prize money be paid?

Winners will be paid in $OP on Optimism within 1 week of the contest end date.

Start Trading on Pika:

Follow this step-by-step guide to begin trading on Pika: https://docs.pikaprotocol.com/user-guide

Pika Protocol reserves the right to disqualify any address at their sole discretion.

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